Separate Waste Collection 2022

St. Petersburg, meet your aerosol cans collection points!

They were launched in collaboration with Unilever, one of the largest producers of everyday goods. This is the first-ever project to collect aerosol cans in retail locations.
Thanks to the initiative, St.-Petersburg citizens can now make a larger impact in the closed-loop economy, learn more about the responsible consumption culture and find out why using renewable resources is crucial. St.-Petersburg citizens have not been missing out on the new attractions: over 180 kg of aerosol cans have already been collected in the city.
‘It’s been over 6 months since the aerosol can project was launched, but it is still in high demand among St.-Petersburg citizens. This serves as an additional proof to the statement that Russian consumers are ready to make steps towards responsible consumption and are aware of its importance. Projects like this one create the infrastructure necessary for recycling and simplify the access to an eco-aware customer, because all that a person needs to do is grab the used cans on their way to the store’, explains Elizaveta Maslova, EcoTechnologies’ project manager.
The collected cans are sent for washing and crushing, and they are later on used in composite briquettes. Briquettes can be then used to make car parts, batteries, bicycle stands and other goods.
The containers will remain operating until November 30, 2022. Only ALU- or FE- marked cans are accepted. You can bring them with labels on – we’ll take care of them ourselves.
Here is the list of Saint-Petersburg stores that have containers inside them: 
- 32 Bolshevikov Ave
- 89 Bukharestskaya St.
- 21 Kolpinskoe highway
- 33 Komendantskiy Ave
- 9 Karbysheva St.
- 3 Kollontay St.
- 1A 4th Verkniy Ave
- 41 Marshall Blukher Ave
- 74 Prosvecheniya Ave
- 60 Prosvecheniya Ave
- 60 Sverdlovkaya Emb.
- 17 Kolomyazhskiy
- 46 Parachutnaya St.
- 100K Leninskiy Ave
- 39/41 Revolutsii Highway
- 94 Leninskiy Ave
- 48/50 Prazhskaya St
- 116 Savushkina St.
- 19 Prosvescheniy Ave
- 99 Stachek Ave.
You can also see those on the map.