Separate Waste Collection 2021

Opening of an Ecocenter in Ekaterinburg

On December 2, together with Procter&Gamble, chain of stores «Pyaterochka» and the project «Sborka» we opened an ecocenter in Ekaterinburg. It became part of the big project «Save the planet together», the goal of which is to make ecological way of life more popular and attractive for all people in Russia.

More than 10 types of recyclable materials are available at the ecocenter, including such rare ones as doypack and soft plastic. You can also buy green products at the Zero Waste store, take advantage of the bookcrossing, see the exhibit on recycling, attend lectures and master classes.

The singer Glukoza is the ambassador for the new project. She took part in the video guide - Glukoza tells visitors about the rules of the ecocenter and draws attention to the importance of recycling.

The organizers held an online vote to determine the location of the city for the opening of the first ecocenter. The inhabitants of Yekaterinburg were most active, so a new collection point was opened there. It is located at 74 Khohryakov Street.