Environmental Education 2022

The Planet is an Endangered Species photo project

Those featuring in the pictures include eco-activists and media celebrities that lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. We didn't stand aside and took part in the project!

The project consists of pictures of animals affected by plastic pollution and metaphorical pictures with models. The project included 12 photographs. All the props and plastic used for the shooting were sent for recycling at the end of the project.

Victoria Safonova, team lead of the EcoTechnologies, has long been involved in ecoactivism and helps companies move to a greener path of development, so she was invited to take part in the project.
«As soon as our company was asked to participate in the project, I got excited about its concept. For me, as a great lover of nature and all the living creatures, it is very important to convey the need for responsible waste management. And it is great that besides working in EcoTechnologies and ecoactivism I can do it in such a creative way. A huge thank you to URBANTIGER for turning this project into reality», says Viktoria Safonova.

Alexandra Charno (99RECYCLE), Mikhail Antonov («EcoSborka»), Dmitry Gutman (SOEMZ), Dariya Alekseeva («Vtoroe Dyhaniye»), Lina Roy (illustrator and activist), Olesya Besperstova (NOPLASTICISFANTASTIC), Aida Levanova (SHER media), Anastasia Bazarnova («Sobirator»), Zoya Yarovitsyna (standup comedian, supports eco-movement), Inessa Generalova (eco-activist), Anastasia Piorunskaya (founder of URBANTIGER) also took part in the photo shoot.