Separate Waste Collection 2021

Launched «Beach without waste» in Novorossiysk

Novorossiysk is the second city in Russia after Kazan, where the concept of «Territory without waste» will be implemented as part of the global strategy «World without waste». It includes education and infrastructure solutions to help ensure the collection and recycling of 100% of the equivalent consumer packaging waste from the company's products by 2030.

We are an infrastructure partner of the Beach Without Waste project: this summer we installed two-line containers for separate collection on the Central City Beach of Novorossiysk and on the beaches of Neptun, Kristall, Myskhako. The city beach also features recycled plastic sun loungers, benches and swings.

Plastic and glass bottles, aluminum cans can be recycled. Everything else: napkins, candy wrappers, paper dishes should be thrown into a gray container for other waste. The project should help Novorossiysk increase the proportion of waste that will then be sent for recycling rather than landfills. The organizers of the project plan to collect and send for recycling more than 16,000 kg of plastic, metal and glass in the first year after the launch of the «Beach without waste».

Our joint project «Kazan - a city without waste» within the framework of Coca-Cola's global strategy «A world without waste» will also continue. The heart of the project is an interactive exposition about waste sorting and recycling in the Gorkinsko-Ometyevsky forest. Since last summer, it has been visited by 6,500 people.