Reverse Vending Machines 2021

Geography of our network of fandomats extends beyond Russia

The Zhasyl Qalqan Social Ecological Project and EcoTechnologies established a fandomat in the capital of Kazakhstan.
For us, this is the first international project, and we are very proud to have been able to contribute to the creation of an ecological culture in Kazakhstan.

Our BottleBank Flow Lite fandomat can now be found in Nur-Sultan. Visitors of the «Artem» shopping centre in Nur-Sultan will be able to hand over PET bottles up to 2 litres and aluminium cans for recycling. All collected packagings get a second life.

A representative of Zhasyl Qalqan company, Shasalim Shagalimov, believes that fandomat will help to significantly reduce the amount of plastic and make the city cleaner.

There are nice bonuses for handing over packaging. With the joint efforts of Zhasyl Qalqan, LLP «CTS» and EcoTechnologies was developed unique software: for each bottle residents of the capital will receive 3 tenge on the transport card. The user will also have the opportunity to transfer money for the handing over packaging to charity directly through the fandomat. During the first week of the working of fandomat, users have collected more than 20 kg of recyclable materials!

Fandomat is located on the covered parking lot of the «Artem» shopping centre at the address: 21/1, Sakena Seigollin St., Nur-Sultan. Addresses of all our fandomats can be found on