Reverse Vending Machines 2022

A video about the Kirov Dairy Plant fandomats

CJSC Kirovsky Dairy Plant has released a video about our fandomats! It tells in detail how the machines work and how to get a discount on purchases in the Vyatushka store chain for handing over plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

In December, we installed 5 machines in Kirov, Kirovo-Chepetsk, and Slobodsky in the chain of branded stores of CJSC Kirovsky Dairy Plant. The fandomats can be found at:
-          70 Vorovskogo St., Kirov
-          5 Chapaev St., Kirov
-          16 Lenin St, Kirov
-          29 Alexey Nekrasov St, Kirovo-Chepezk
-          71 Rozhdestvenskaya St, Slobodskoy.