Environmental Education 2021

Participate in the debate «Global Warming or Solar Opportunities»

Nina Ilyina, the curator of the direction of eco-education «EcoTechnologies»
was a member of the jury of student debates «Global Warming or Solar Opportunities» in the 16th November. Also in jury were presented companies «SIBUR», Russian Ecological Society and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation.

Students asked each other questions about the sustainability of renewable energies around the world and had lively discussions about the human factor in global climate change. The extent to which students have been immersed in such important topics for our future was encouraging. It was encouraging to hear those solutions to environmental problems existed or were being actively sought.

The debate was organized by the «Vitriviada» project with the support of Erso. We thank the organizers for creating a space for students where the younger generation can discuss such important topics.