Environmental Education 2021

Constantin Rzaev gave an interview to the fashion house HENDERSON

HENDERSON Fashion House shares the idea of responsible consumption and sustainable fashion. So, he launched a project in which experts answer the most popular questions about how to make our world cleaner and wardrobe more sustainable.
The managing partner of GC «EcoPartners» Constantin Rzaev told in an interview about the rules and lifehacks of waste sorting, the situation in the processing industry in Russia. Most of the packaging of HENDERSON products can be sent to recycle.
You can see the full version of the interview at the link.
«Secondary materials are waste that has not become waste. But they were not thrown into the bin, and they were sorted and turned into raw material - like flour or cement. There are dozens of new enterprises in Russia every year that based their business plan on consuming recycled materials. For example, they produce polymer pipes, geotextiles, linoleum, packaging. And the arrival of recyclable materials which necessary for their work depends on how much we sort the waste at home» - Constantin Rzaev.