Environmental Education 2021

Ecomarathon for SIBUR

In June our permanent partner - SIBUR - ran the ecological marathon «Consumer Auditor», where we served as experts and held unusual lectures for company employees. The format became experimental for us, as webinars were conducted not only by our speakers but also by invited experts and stars. For example, Buliash Todaevatalked about creative ways to reuse plastic waste, and our webinar about ecological life hacks was spent by Elisaveta Boyarskaya together with us. During the marathon in addition to the lectures, we have prepared more than 40 educational posts on environmental topics for the corporate network of SIBUR.

Different formats allow to better familiarize employees with the topic of ecology during an ecological marathon. We can use all ways of perception of information and all kinds of motivations through webinars and additional materials. As a result, each staff member receives information in a format that is convenient for him or her.