Socio-ecological project «Levsha»

In our group of companies there is a new addition: the social and ecological project «Levsha», which appeared and is developing thanks to Elena Osokina and Anastasia Golenkina with the active support of senior partners of ProPartners Group. The project was created to help people with disabilities. We provide them with work and conditions in which they feel valuable and in demand.

«Levsha» is not just help in finding a job. This is an opportunity to build new social connections and create something of value with your own hands. Levsha craftsmen give materials a second life: they work with wood that remains with furniture manufacturers in the production process, recycled plastic, used banners from exhibitions and events, fibers from recycled polymers.

Work is an integral part of the life of any person - here we realize our potential, find friends, learn new things, and develop. Therefore, we create conditions of useful employment for people with disabilities to develop their social skills and adapt to society.

You can get acquainted with the products of the project by the link.

«Levsha» — everyone can help!