Separate Waste Collection 2022

New Locations for Flexible Packaging Collection

The packaging can be given up at the following VkusVill Moscow stores:
1 Lazoreviy Avenue (Passage),
99 Leninskiy Avenue,
34 Michurinskiy Avenue,
43 Mikluho-Maklaya Street,
26/1 Sretenka Street,
28 Mozhaysk Highway,
As well as Moscow and St.-Petersburg’s waste collection points Sborka and Pererabotkinskaya.
Don’t forget to clean the packaging of any crumbs or dirt. Such measures will assist greatly in suppressing the bad smell of the stored packaging and make the sorting process easier. You can find more details in the up-to-date guidelines at waste collection points’ websites and media.
All packaging will be sent to our plant in Tver for further sorting and recycling. Through a series of experiments, we have already been successful in recycling flexible packaging into granules that can be used to produce new goods.