Environmental Education 2021

There was Sber’s art installation of «Save the Planet» in Gorky Park

The art installation «Save the Planet» was installed within the Russian Creative Week on August 26th. The art object was created jointly in creative collaboration and our partner, industrial designer Bulyash Todaeva, and artist Dima Rebus.

Sber has announced the launch of a large-scale program «Save the Planet» through environmental art. The aim of the program is to involve the population in an environmentally and socially responsible way of life.

Consultants from the company «EcoTechnologies» were present near to the art object during the Russian Creative Week. They told about creative concepts, Sber’s program «Save the Planet» and recycling, and shared information about ecological lifestyle. Anyone could take a test to know as far as their life is ecofriendly.  

The installation was made from transparent material as a geometric figure that is a metaphor for the sorting process. Each fragment of installation describes the recycling of one of the popular fractions - paper, plastic, metal, and glass. The installation immerses in the concept of environmental problems and shows the positive potential of using secondary materials in art.

Materials that are used for construction are reused or recycled.

You can see the installation and be inspired to change on the Crimean Embankment until September 12th, 2021. You can find out about the program «Save the Planet» on the website