Separate Waste Collection 2021

Opening of a separate collection point for packaging in Yekaterinburg

On July 18, a separate waste collection point was opened in Mayakovsky Park in Yekaterinburg within the framework of the EcoOtvet project of the RusPRO Association together with the EcoTechnology company.

The all-Russian eco-cultural project #NEMUZEIMUSORA became our partner in project servicing. The containers are equipped with fullness sensors and fire extinguishers. 6 types of recyclable materials can be recycled at the eco-point:
• paper and cardboard
• metal
• covers
• PET bottles
• hard plastic
• soft plastic

Already in the first days of the eco-unit's work, it was visited by more than 200 people. The first results showed that people donate clean raw materials and sort them correctly. The separate collection point is located opposite the sports ground when arriving by car from the side of Bazovy lane.