Helping businesses
to become greener
We are not just ecological agency:
Recycling waste for15 years
Creating ecological projects with Coca-Cola, McDonald's and others
Helping to achieve sustainable development goals
Помогаем бизнесу стать экологичнее
Мы не просто зеленое агентство:
Перерабатываем отходы уже 15 лет
Делаем экопроекты с Coca-Cola, McDonald's и не только
Помогаем достичь Целей устойчивого развития
Helping businesses
to become greener
> 20 000
our containers for recyclable waste were placed throughout Russia from Kamchatka to Sochi over the last 5 years
> 25 000
tons of plastic packaging were recycled at our plant in Tver in 2019
60 +
waste sorting stations were made at our plant in Rzhev for Russian waste management operators
> 50
reverse vending machines were placed together with partners in 5 Russian cities
Our own recycling plant
Recycling waste from 2005 at our own recycling plant in Tver
Integrated business ecologization
Don't stop at separate waste collection offering integrated strategy of business ecologization
Recycling complex waste types
Testing recycling technologies for complex and non-recyclable waste that nobody recycles
A peer review
Large-scale FMCG companies trust us with their ecological projects. Environmental media listens to our opinion
Working all over Russia
Implementing ecological projects in all regions of Russia with the help of reliable partners
Production compacity
Producing containers and equipment for waste management that fit needs of different regions
Organised plastic collection and held and eco-lessons in 7 schools in Novomoskovsk

Held a lecture "Wastemanagement in Russia" within the "Green April" company's environmental initiative

Collected 400kg of plastic in two Moscow parks during the summer
Organised plastic and glass collection in the office within the Sustainable Development week

Created transparent branded containers that help employees to see their content and recycle waste correctly

Trained the team of curators who answered any employee's questions
Developing separate waste collection infrastructure throughout Russia under the "Separate with Us" programme

Transfering waste from events to processors for further recycling

Launching the first "City without waste" project in Kazan
Separate waste collection
Reverse vending machines
Green packaging 
Waste recycling
Green events
Environmental education
Closed loop
Special projects and CSR
Separate waste collection in office
You want to collect waste separately in the office or organize a green week event

We will:
  • place containers and create instructions in your corporate style 
  • get permission from business centre if necessary 
  • develop recommendations for resource conservation
Reverse vending machines
You want to launch a motivational program for customers and help the environment 

We will:
  • Choose reverse vending machine that fits right for your shop or office 
  • Create branded reverse vending machine and show promotional materials on the screen
  • Find partners for processing and recycling in any region of Russia
Green packaging
You want to gind more environmentally friendly packaging solutions or improve recycling for already existing packaging (for manufacturers, retailers and delivery services)

We will:
  • Analyze packaging and create a matrix of recyclability 
  • Suggest more environmentally friendly options
  • Test your packaging for recyclability at our plant
  • Develop communication campaign for customers to ensure separate waste collection
  • Implement separate collection of your packaging through our reception facilities, waste management facilities and together jointly with our retail partners
Waste recycling
You are looking for responsable waste management company or you want to be the first in complex waste recycling 

We will:
  • Pick up separately collected waste from the office or events
  • Launch the pilot project on complex waste collection
  • Find responsible partners and test new technologies 
  • Get your company to media's front pages
Green events
You organize company party, family day, conference or sporting event

We will:
  • Organize separate waste collection
  • Attract volunteers and organize cleaning services 
  • Develop design for posters, instructions, roll-ups and help to promote an event in media
  • Suggest environmentally friendly tableware and souvenirs 
  • Hold an environmental lecture or workshop for children and adults
Lectures and workshops
You want to improve quality of collected waste or plan family day with workshops for your employees and their children

We will:
  • Hold a lecture, webinar or workshop on environmental theme
  • Organize tour to our recycling plant for adults and children 
  • Motivate employees to collect waste separately in the office and live environmentally friendly
You want to improve packaging recycling, create a green brand or make office environmentally friendly

We will
  • Create a road map of your business' ecologization
  • Analyse the best international experience and current research to offer solution to your environmental request 
  • Find responsable environmental service partners throughout Russia
  • Suggest green office project or improve environmental friendliness of current one
Creating anything from recycled materials
You want to close the loop and give second life to waste

We will
  • Create stylish furniture from recycled materials 
  • Suggest creative souvenirs for employees and partners
  • Build playground or football feild form recycled plastic
Your production creates a lot of food waste that you want to dispose environmentally friendly

We will:
  • Choose composter model that suits special features of your production or outsource composting
  • Reduce an amount of organic waste by 90% and help to save money on waste management
  •  Resulting soil can be selled or used in landscaping
Extended producer responsibility
You are planning to execute EPR by yourself and don't want to pay an eco-fee

We will:
  • Channel part of the budget on important environmental initiatives in the field of EPR
  • Channel EPR budget in the field of recycling industry to provide your input in it's development
  • Provide a "single window" service for ERP normative implementation for 6 fractions 
Special projects and CSR
You are planning a long-term social project

We will:
  • Make up and implement unusual environmental campaign that suits your CSR strategy's goals 
  • Attract regions of presence and international partners to campaign 
  • Clean the waste in the forest, on the coast or at the beach 
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Оставьте свои контакты, и мы с вами свяжемся
Можете указать только почту или телефон
Оставьте свои контакты, и мы с вами свяжемся
Можете указать только почту или телефон
According to EY, 97% of investors assess environmental liability performance of the business in deciding on investing on securities of the company

Environmental responsibility is new competitive advantage

economical impact
Why business should become greener?
reputational impact
environmental impact
Inceasingly, people care about environmental issues. When company takes part in their solving, customer loyalty is increasing

Investments in environmental projects is reason to be proud of for the employees

Business is producing 90% of international waste and 45% of CO2 emissions

Companies' contribution to solving environmental issues is vital to all the people of Earth

You want to make business greener?
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